Jerry Frizzelle Photos

Jerry Frizzelle Photo Collection

Courtesy: Sharon Frizzelle Fazio, daughter of Jerry Frizzelle
Clinton Comets, Johnstown Jets, Philadelphia Ramblers, Jersey Larks, Knoxville Knights

1955-56 Clinton Comets
Jerry Frizzelle (9), Clinton Comets 1955-56
The Clinton Comets' Jerry Frizzelle (9) shoots on the Washington Lions goaltender. Defending for the Lions are Joe Medynski (2), captain Doug Orvis (3), and player-coach Stan Warecki (8).
Eddie St,. Louis (6), Baltimore Clippers, surrounded by the Clinton Comets' Doug Coxon (1), Gord Jamieson (5), George Steele (8), Joe Nolan (16) and Jerry Frizzelle (9)
Ralph DeLeo (16), Gerry Sullivan (12), Baltimore Clippers.
Carlin's Iceland, the Baltimore Clippers' arena, burned down on January 23rd, 1956. All of the Clippers' equipment was lost. They wore Hershey Bears' uniforms the remainder of the season. Five of their remaining home games were moved to the new Charlotte Coliseum. The following season the team became the Charlotte Clippers and won the EHL championship.
On March 3, 1956, the Baltimore Clippers reduced to an 8-man travelling squad played a "home" game at Clinton, losing 13-9. Les Binkley made a team record 57 saves for the Clippers. Bibber O'Hearn had 5 goals, including a hat-trick within 5 minutes, and 2 assists for Baltimore. Willie Pawchuk had a hat trick for Clinton. The following day, the Comets won at home vs. the Clippers 11-0, with Jerry Frizzelle scoring four goals. This was Doug Coxon's 4th shutout of the season for the Comets.
Clinton Comets' Jerry Frizzelle (9) scores on Baltimore Clippers Les Binkley (1) at Clinton Arena in 1956, above and left. These shots are most likely from the March 4th and 10th games in 1956. In the latter Jerry Frizzelle scored a goal and Les Binkley had 48 saves (to Doug Coxon's 18), as the Clippers won 6-4. The Comets had already clinched 2nd place, but the win allowed the Clippers to pass the Philadelphia Ramblers and clnch 5th place.
1955-56 Clinton Comets Team Photo
Back: Greg Batt (4), Gord Jamieson (5), Joe Nolan (16), Jerry Stringle (14), Don Kendall (3), George Steele (8), Jerry Frizzelle (9), Jack Timmins (coach)
Front: Bernie Hill (6), Bill Kawulia (2), Willie Pawchuk (10), Doug Coxon(1), Ken Grabeldinger (11),Archie Burton (12), Ken Graham (7)
1956-57 Wembley Lions (British National League)
Jerry Frizzelle, Wembley Lions 1956-57
Wembley Lions game progarm 1956-57 - Jerry Frizzelle
Peterborough (Ont.) Examiner photo
Jerry Frizzelle, Wembley Lions
Wembley Lions Team Photo 1956-57
Wembley Arena 1956
Wembley Lions BNL Champions 1956-57

Johnstown Jets 1957-58
Jersey Larks 1960-61
Jerry Frizzelle, Johnstown Jets 1957-58
Jersey Larks Team Photo 1960-61

1958-1964 Philadelphia Ramblers
1958-59 Philadelphia Ramblers Team Photo
Jerry Frizzelle - Philadelphia Ramblers
Dave Lucas, Johnstown Jets Vs. Jerry Frizzelle (5) Philadelphia Ramblers
EHL Playoffs 1958-59
Hugh Campbell (4) Norm Gustavsen (3) Jerry Frizzelle (5) Ray Crew (2) Doug Adam (10)
Jerry Frizzelle (4) Philadelphia Ramblers, Les Calder (9) Knoxville Knights - 1962-63
Jerry Frizzelle (4), Danny O'Connor (6), Ross Brooks (1) vs. Gene Achtymichuk, Knoxville Knights 1962-63
Ted McCaskill (9) Nashville Dixie Flyers Vs. Danny O'Connor, Jerry Frizzelle and Ross Brooks, Philadelphia Ramblers 1962-63.
Jerry Frizzelle - Philadelphia Ramblers
Ross Brooks (1) Philadelphia Ramblers 1963
Bob Bailey (7) Philadelphia Ramblers 1963
John Brophy, Philadelphia Ramblers 1963
Danny O'Connor (6) Philadelphia Ramblers Vs. Johnstown Jets 1963
Jerry Frizzelle, Philadelphia Ramblers 1963
John Brophy (2) takes a faceoff. Philadelphia Ramblers 1963
Jerry Frizzelle, Philadelphia Ramblers 1963