Steve Self Photos

Steve Self Photo Collection

Courtesy: Steve Self, New England Blades & Greensboro Generals, 1972-73

Greensboro Generals Player Photos
Steve Self (14)
Steve Self (14), Mike Self (2)
Steve Self (14)
Stu Roberts (12)
Mike Ralph (16)
Jack Criel (2)
Wally Sprange (9)
Brian Derksen (3)
Jerry Zrimiak (6)
Howie Heggedal (18)
Ron Hindson (7)
Steve Self (14)
Steve Self (14), Greensboro Generals
Jack Chipchase (2), Roanoke Valley Rebels
Greensboro Generals Programs 1972-73
Steve Self (14)
Mike Ralph (16)
Steve Self (14)
Norm McLean - EHL Commissioner 1972-73
Don Burgess (15) leads the charge for the Generals with Stu Roberts (12).
Brian Randall (14)
(Was waived along with Jim Notman to make room for Steve Self, Mike Self and Bobby Thompson, when the New England Blades folded. Randall was immediately picked up by Charlotte.)
Generals captain Ted Lanyon blocks a shot 1971-72
Guy DuFour (?)(14) of the Salem Rebels battles
Ron Hindson of he Greensboro Generals 1971-72
Greensboro Generals vs. Charlotte Checkers
Cover Story, Greensboro Generals Program December 10, 1972
Greensboro Generals vs. Nashville Dixie Flyers
Greensboro Generals vs. Jacksonville Rockets
Jackie LeClair, New Haven Blades vs.
Doug Carpenter (4) Greensboro Generals
Greensboro Generals vs. Jacksonville Rockets
Greensboro Generals vs. Charlotte Checkers
Don Carter (14), Greensboro Generals
Greensboro Generals Team Photo 1971-72
New England Blades 1972
New England Blades vs. Syracuse Blazers 1972
Tom Schiller (4) and Mike Self (5), New England Blades pictured. New England Blades 1 at Jersey Devils 8. Wayne Hawrysh has a 5-goal game for the Devils. John Brophy received a game misconduct for spearing.
Article from Springfield (MA) Republican October 15, 1972.