August 23, 1954
SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (AP)The Eastern Hockey League will be reactivated with a possible 10 teams expected to start action by late October. President Tommy Lockhart of New York City made the announcement following a meeting here of representatives from nine eastern communities. Lockhart said some of the prospective entries are still in the undecided state. The final makeup of the league, plus scheduled arrangements, may come at a meeting Sept. 12 in New York, he said.
Attending were Ed Stanley for Clinton and Lake Placid, and Bill Pratt, Bill McCall, Bernard Dillman and Vincent Salarno of Schenectady. The Schenectady group plans to operate at the RPI Field House in Troy. Others present were Washington, Jack Riley; Baltimore, Charles Rock, Kick Campafrilti and Bob Elmer; Worcester, Larz Anderson; New Haven, Conn., Nathan Podoloff and Gary Belise; Boston, Kans Blarsden; Springfield, Eduie Shore, Jr., and Jack Butterfield.
Lewiston, Maine, interests also were reported anxious to enter the league, but failed to send a representative to the meeting.

September 20, 1954
(AP)- The Eastern Hockey League will operate with seven teams this season. The cities to be represented are New York, Boston, New Haven, Baltimore, Washington, Clinton NY and Worcester MA. New York will play all of its games on the road. Each squad will play a 44 game schedule starting Nov 6 and ending Feb 27.

Clinton will have its hockey represented in two leagues during the coming season, Manager Edward W. Stanley announced yesterday. Meeting at Madison Square Garden yesterday it was voted to organize a seven-team Eastern Hockey League. Stanley immediately entered the Comet aggregation. Stanley pointed out that the franchise would not interfere in any way with previous commitments to take part in the Eastern Ontario League. The Ontario league's schedule will be studied before dates are assigned Clinton in the new loop.

October 6, 1954 -
(AP) — The Worcester team of the reorganized Eastern Hockey league is looking for ex-collegians and other players to attend tryouts later this month. Owner Larz Anderson said the league—which also includes Baltimore, Washington, New Haven, New York and Clinton, N- Y.—plans to use American players. The tryout dates are not definite yet, but interested players may contact Anderson at Worcester arena.

October 8, 1954 -
There is a chance that several games in the newly-formed Eastern Hockey League will be played in the RPI Field House in Schanectady. The entry of Schenectady into league apparently did not materialize.

October 22, 1954
(AP) - The Eastern Hockey League will operate this season with teams in Baltimore, Clinton NY, New Haven, Washington and Worcester MA. Baltimore, Worcester, and Clinton are new members of the league (formely known as the EAHL), which was formed in 1933. Missing from the lineup are Springfield. Mass., now a member of the American Hockey League; Johnstown. Pa., now with the International Hockey League. and Troy, N. no longer operating a club.
The James J. Walker Trophy win go to the league champion, decided on a won-lost percentage basis over the regular season, with a post-season playoff for the Atlantic City Boardwalk Trophy.
In an effort to keep tie games at a minimum, the recently re-organized Eastern Amateur Hockey League will play 10-minuto, "sudden death" overtime periods this season it was announced Friday by League President Tom Lockhart.

October 31, 1954
- War Memorial manager Bill Stark turned aside all negotiations to bring an Eastern Amateur Hockey League franchise into Syracuse on an experimental one-year plan.

November 6, 1954 - The Washington Lions erupted for six goals in the first period and smothered the New Haven Hawks (sic), 10-3, in the opening game of the Eastern Hockey League before 1202 at Uline Arena last night.

November 7, 1954 - Defenseman Eddie St. Louis shoved in the winning goal with only 25 seconds remaining Saturday as the Baitimcre Clippers of the Eastern Hockey League opened their home season with a victory over Washington.

December 28, 1954 - Atlantic City will become the home base of the league-leading Washington Lions of the Eastern Ice Hockey League for one month when Convention Hall converts to ice in mid-January. The huge convention hall, which becomes the nation's longest ice hockey stadium when its main auditorium presents a frozen surface will be the scene of four league games during the period and with the exception of these nights will be available for public skating after noons and evenings. The Lions will meet the Baltimore Clippers on Fri., Jan. 14; Sat., Jan. 29 and Sat., Feb. 5.The Worcester, Mass., Warriors will furnish the opposition on Sat., Jan. 22.

January 3, 1955
(AP) - The Eastern Hockey League is eyeing Atlantic City and Philadelphia as prospective sites for franchises next season according to Jack Riley, general manager of the Washington Lions . . . In their league meeting last week, league officials decided not to limit the number of teams in the league for 1955 . . . The league directors want about six or seven teams with all playing full schedules.

June 13, 1955
Directors of the International Hockey League have turned down a request to switch ownership of the Johnstown Jets from Cambria Memorial Arena to group of individuals. Johnstown has played in the IHL for two years since the EAHL folded.

September 7, 1955
(AP) Philadelphia today was granted a franchise in the Eastern Hockey League for the 1955-56 season. Philadelphia will join Clinton, N. Y., Johnstown, Pa., Washington, D. C., Baltimore and New Haven.

January 24, 1956 (AP) The Eastern Hockey League today authorized the Baltimore Clippers, who were left homeless by a fire Sunday night, to play five games in the new Community Coliseum at Charlotte, N.C.

Mar 31, 1956
(AP) — President Tom Lockhart said Eastern Hockey League officials will discuss here .today plans for the 1956-57 season involving the possible addition or transfer of several teams. Lockhart told a reporter last night in Philadelphia that possible additions to the six-team league may come from Haddonfield, N.J.; Commack, Long Island, N.Y.; Charlotte, N. C., and Winston-Salem, N. C.
Lockhart said the status of the present Baltimore and Washington franchises would also be discussed. It was indicated that the Baltimore team might be transferred to Charlotte and that Winston-Salem might get the Washington club. Baltimore's hockey rink at Carlin's Park was destroyed by fire in the middle of'the past season and the team was adopted by Charlotte as a "home team." Definitely set for business their present EHL stands next year are Johnstown, Pa., New Haven, Philadelphia, and Clinton, N.Y.

April 1, 1956
(AP) Officials of the Eastern Hockey League today approved applications for transfer of the Baltimore Clippers to Charlotte and the Washington Lions will become the Winston-Salem (NC) Lions. The league also approved the application of the New York Rovers to be operated in conjunction with the New York Rangers of the NHL at Commack, LI. They denied an application from Haddonfield, NJ for a place in the circuit. The 1956-57 league will include holdover clubs New Haven, Philadelphia, Johnstown and Clinton, NY.

April 1, 1956 (UPI) Haddonfield, N J., failed in its bid for an Eastern Hockey League franchise during the circuit's meeting Saturday in New Haven. A league spokesman said the bid was turned down mainly because it would infringe on the territorial rights of the Philadelphia club.

May 5, 1956 (AP) Charlotte. N. C. will be a member of ihe Eastern Hockey League next season. EHL President Lockhart announced Charlotte's membership yesterday along with a 62-game schedu!e opening October.26 and ending March 10. Other teams in the league willl be Clinion. N. Y.. New Haven, New York, Philadelphia and Johnstown, Pa. Lockhart said Winston-Salem N.C., had made overtures to join the league, but that he understood the owners of the arena there did not go along with the present setup.Lockhart added that the league also had received an application from Greenville, S.C., but had not acted on it.

May 14, 1956 (AP) - A modern $400,000 arena next winter will be the scene of Eastern Hockey League games. The New York Rovers will be the Long Island Arena home team. Sextets in the circuit include: Charlotte, N. C, Winston-Salem, N. C, New Haven, Conn.. Philadelphia. Johnstown. Pa., and Clinton, N. Y.

August 15, 1956 (AP) -- The Eastern Hockey League will operate as a 7-team circuit this season with Charlotte, N.C., a full fledged member and a New York team joining the league. Uline Arena (Washington) will have a franchise.

October 2, 1956 (AP) - Because of a delay in construction, the New York Rovers will play twelve of their scheduled home games on the road. They are scheduled to play their first home game Jan 3 against Johnstown.

October 12, 1956 - The New York Rovers will not play in the Eastern Hockey League this season because their arena will not be completed on time. The league will operate will six teams: Philadelphia, Johnstown, PA, Washington, Charlotte, Clinton and New Haven.

Oct 15, 1957
The first annual All Star game between the Eastern Hockey League All Stars and the International Hockey League All Stars will be played at The Arena in Philadelphia Thursday night.
The game is in the nature of an experiment. The EHL and IHL held a peace meeting before the season got underway and made plans for a World Series between the two pennant winners, regular intra - league games that would count in each circuit's standings, and exhibition games between the loops.

January 21, 1958
The Washington Lions take a new name - the Washington Presidents.

Jul 16, 1958 (AP) -- The Eastern Hockey League today admitted the New York Rovers as a seventh member. But it refused to take on any of the members of the ailing International League, or play an interlocking schedule with them. Washington retains Eastern Hockey team.

September. 19, 1959 (AP) —The Eastern Hockey League will open its season Oct. 23 with seven clubs and a new owner for the Washington Presidents, League President Thomas Lockhart announced Thursday night. Lockhart said the new club will be his New York Rovers, inactive for four years, and that Lou Pieri, owner of the Providence Reds of the American Hockey League, will take over the Washington club.

April 24, 1959
(UPI) -- Approval of a Memorial Coliseum lease has paved the way for an Eastern Hockey League franchise in Greensboro next season. An attempt is underway to transfer the Troy, Ohio, Bruins of the International Hockey League to this city.

April 28, 1959
(AP)--The award of an Eastern Hockey League franchise to Greensboro, N.C. was disclosed today by Nathan Podoloff, general manager of the New Haven Arena.

May 11, 1959 (UPI) -- The award of an Eastern Hockey League franchise to Greensboro, N.C., was disclosed here by Nathan Podoloff, general manager of the New Haven Arena. Podoloff, an official of the Elm City Hockey Club, which operates the New Haven Blades in the same league, said the franchise was awarded in New York at a meeting of the league's board of directors. Ken Wilson, currently operator of the Troy, Ohio, club in the International League, will serve as vice-president and general manager of the Greensboro team, Podoloff said. A group of players from last season's Troy team will form the nucleus of the Greensboro team.

June 1, 1959 (UPI) -- Carson Bain, local oil distributor, has been named president of the newly formed Central Carolina Sports, inc., operator of the International Hockey League t e a m
brought here to Greensboro from Troy, Ohio. Ken Wilson, who moved his franchise and most of the team's players here from Troy, was named a vice president in the election last Friday. Other officers are Sidney Stern Jr., secretary and Hargrove Bowles Jr., treasurer. The officers will also constitute the board of directors. Bain said the corporation meets all requirements for the hockey team operation as sot forth by the Eastern Hockey League and the Greensboro Coliseum Commission. All home gtimes will be played at the new coliseum, which is still under construction.

August 13, 1959 (UPI) -- Officials of the Eastern Hockey League tonight voted a franchise for Washington, which means the league will operate with eight clubs during the 1959-60 season. Earlier in the day a request by Pete Carver of West Orange, N. J. was rejected. however, it was suggested that Carver and Paul Rothgeb of Washington get together on a club deal, which they did.

May 26, 1960 (UPI) - A group in Haddonfield, N.J., has been granted a franchise in the Eastern Amateur Hockey League, it was announced Wednesday by league President Thomas Lockhart. The franchise was approved by the league owners during a two day meeting, which was adjourned late Tuesday night. Locknart said the league will hold another meeting in New York July 7, at which time the status of teams in Washington, Philadelphia and Charlotte, N.C., will be determined. The Philadelphia team went bankrupt after last season but the operators of the local arena have indicated a wish to maintain the franchise, Lockhart said.

May 28, 1960
(AP) - The Philadelphia Ramblers of the Eastern Hockey League have filed a petition of bankruptcy in United States District Court. The petition filed yesterday, listed $29,582 in liabilities and $6,049 in assets. $5 of the assets were in cash and most of the rest in equipment. Owners of the Philadelphia Arena and owners of the Ice House in Haddonfield, NJ said they were interested in taking over the club.

June 20, 1960 (AP) The Eastern Hockey League today approved the transfer of the Washington, D.C., franchise to Haddonfield, N.J., and decided not to act on placing a team in Jacksonville, Fla., for another year. League President Tom Lockhart said Haddonfield had a 5,000-seat arena near Camden and Philadelphia. The Philadelphia franchise is in bankruptcy, Lockhart said, but another group may take it over.
"There is a possibility," Lockhart said at the meeting Monday, that we might operate the coming season with nine teams—Clinton (NY), New Haven (Conn), New York, Philadelphia, Johnstown, Washington, Greensboro (N.C.), Charlotte and Haddonfield. However, that is far from decided."

September 16, 1960 (AP) The manager of Knoxville's new auditorium-coliseum plans to visit other cities in the Southeast next week to discuss the possibility of a Southeastern hockey league. Fred B. McCallum said he will talk with officials in Greensboro and Charlotte, N.C., and Jacksonville, Fla. He said Knoxville's coliseum will include an ice rink and that he would like to bring a professional hockey team here. Jacksonville plans to open an ice rink next week, McCallum said, and the North Carolina cities already have rinks and teams in the Eastern Hockey League. McCallum said another possibility would be that Knoxville would try for an EHL franchise.

December 1, 1960 (AP) - Hockey made its debut in Jacksonville's new $3,000,000 Coilseum tonight with the Charlotte Checkers defeating the New York Rovers 3-1, in an exhibition game between Eastern Hockey League teams. A near-capacity crowd of 8,609 saw the sport played in Florida for the first time (Note: There was a Tropical Hockey League in 1938-39 which played all games in Miami.)

January 9, 1961 (AP) - The Jacksonville Coliseum will become desegregated in an Eastern Hockey League game here tomorrow night between the Charlotte N.C. (Checkers) and Haddonfield, N.J. (Jersey Larks).


May 2, 1961 -
The Eastern Hockey League will vote today on possible admittance of Knoxville. Washington and Jacksonville, Fla., to membership. President Tom Lock hart said last night. Lockhart said that yesterdays meeting was confined to private discussions of the general state of the league, including whether Haddonfield, N. J., will operate next year. Lockhart said the league expects to take a "yes or no' vote on the three applicants shortly after convening today at 10 a. m:, EDT.

May 5, 1961
-The NY Rovers will stay in Commack despite financial difficulties, but fans will pick a new name. At the league's annual meeting in New York last week-end, the Haddonfield (NJ) franchise was terminated for failure to meet its league financial obligations (5% of the gate). At the time Haddonfield's franchise was suspended, Knoxville, Tenn received a franchise. Knoxville owners posted a $10,000 performance bond to assure their team's willingness to complete the schedule. The Knoxville owners also paid a fee of $5000 to the EHL treasury.

June 24, 1961 (AP) - The franchise of the Jersey Larks of the Eastern Hockey League was moved today to Knoxville, Tenn. The agreement to move the Delaware Township team south came Saturday after a group trying to keep The Larks based at the Ice House backed down when they found that of $50,000 they had raised, $25,000 would he applied to square the club with creditor . The Larks entered the league only year and attendance while gaining through the year, was not enough to pay all debts.

Aug 1, 1961 (AP) - The Eastern Hockey League today rejected an application by Jacksonville, Fla., to be granted an EHL franchise this season. A league spokesman said Jacksonville was rejected because it failed to meet conditions asked by the league. Officials of the International Hockey League met in conjunction with the EHL. An EHL-IHL post-season playoff appears virtually certain this season.

March 10, 1962
- Richard Frick, 21 years old and originally from Johnstown, Pa., has applied for a Washington franchise in the rough and tumble Eastern Hockey League.

May 1, 1962
(AP) Jacksonville, Fla., and Nashville, Tenn., were granted franchises today in the Eastern Hockey League. The move increased to 10 the number of teams in the circuit.

Mar 7, 1964- Bob May and Dave McLaughlin, co-promoters of the Syracuse Stars hockey team have been invited to attend two meetings of EHL Northern Division teams with the string possibilty that Syracuse will have a team in the Eastern Hockey League next season with home games to be played at the State Exposition Colisseum.

May 5, 1964 (AP) The Eastern Hockey League voted today to admit New York and Jacksonville, Fla, as members for the 1964-65 season. The two teams were given until May 28 to complete formal applications. Muzz Patrick, GM of the NY Rangers said the Rangers were backing the New York franchise and that the team would play in Madison Square Garden. If both teams are added, the Eastern League will have 11 clubs. The members from last season are Clinton, NY, Commack, LI, New Haven, Philadelphia, Johnstown PA, Nashville, Knoxville, TN, Charlotte, NC, and Greensboro, NC.

May 12, 1964
A team of American players representing Boston in the Eastern Hockey League and the United States in the Olympics and World Amateur championships is being concidered for next season. The Boston team would be financed by Boston businessmen. The players would come from New England, Minnesota and Michigan areas. Said league president Tom Lockhart "They would be playing together in the Eastern Hockey League and would enable us to send a better team against the other countries every year."

May 28, 1964 (AP) Two teams were added to the Eastern Hockey League Thursday when Jacksonville, Fla., was admitted to the circuit after the New York Rovers franchise was re-activated.

June 13, 1964 - Ray Miron resigned Friday as general manager of the Knoxville Knights of Ihe Eastern Hockey league to accept a position with the Toronto Maple Leafs.

August 18, 1964 (UPI) The Philadelphia Ramblers forfeited their Eastern Hockey League franchise last Monday, but a local group sought today to keep them from moving to Haddonfield, NJ. Action on both applications is expected to be taken by the league this week.

August 21, 1964 - The Philadelphia Ramblers will be replaced in the Eastern Hockey League this season by a team operating in Cherry Hill, N.J. and calling itself the Jersey Devils. Tom Lockhart, president of the Eastern Hockey League, said in making the announcement Thursday that the Philadelphia team had failed to fulfill its financial obligations to the league.

May 3, 1965 (AP) The Long Island Ducks, champions of the Eastern Hockey League, have been given the right to negotiate a transfer of their franchise to St. Petersburg, Fla.

Nov. 12, 1965 - The Jacksonville Rockets play their first "home" game in St. Petersburg at the Bayfront Center vs. Greensboro. The Rockets play 5 more home games at St. Petersburg this season.

May 10, 1966 (AP) Salem, Va., was awarded conditional membership today in the Eastern Hockey League for the 1967-68 season. Tom Lockhart, the league president, said that Jack K. Dame and Benard Beatty, Salem's sponsors would have to satisfy certain financial stipulations before the club's acceptance became final.

October 6, 1966
The Minnesota North Stars sign a working agreement wiyh the Clinton Comets.

October 20, 1966
The Pittsburgh Penguins of the NHL annonced Wednesday a working agreement with the Greensboro Generals of the Eastern Hockey League. Under the agreement, Greensboro will get first choice of all amateur plaers not kept on the Pittsburgh roster when the team enters the league next season.

May 20, 1967 - (AP) Salem, Va
., has been officially accepted as the llth member of the Eastern Hockey League, it was announced here following a meeting of the circuit's clubowners. Tom Lockhart, the EHL president, said the new team would be known as the Salem Rebels. He added that franchise applications submitted by Miami and West Palm Beach. Fla., interests had been deferred for one year.

Summer 1967 -
A group from Syracuse inquires about buying the Jersey Devils franchise and moving it to Syracuse. The league decides to accept Syracuse's application as a new member, and keep Jersey in the league.

July 17, 1967 -
A group from Syracuse, headed by Frank Barker, will formally to join the EHL at the league meeting on July 24. The group is negotiating with prospective backers. Plans are progressing well for a working agreement between the Syracuse team and the Boston Bruins of the NHL.

January 14, 1968
apparently lost its Eastern Hockey League team Saturday due to lack of financial
support. Tha citizens group which had been operating the Knights turned the club back to its owners "The citizens group operating as the Greater Knoxville Hockey Association this morning informed Coach Pat Egan that due to lack of financial support they were unable to continue operation of the Knoxville Knights ice hockey club," President Nic Knoph said. Officials said the Knights would not play ct Charlotte Saturday night as scheduled. A spokesman for the Knights said EHL President Tom Lockhart had been informed of the situation and is expected to call a league mseting in New York Tuesday to discuss the future of the club. City Council several weeks ago voted to grant the Knoxville team $10,000 to help it continue operation. Tha Knights have won 17 games, lost 26 and tied 2 this season.

January 20, 1968
(UPI) - The Knoxville Knights must raise S18,000 by Sunlay to finish out the season in the Eastern Hockey League. EHL directors told club officials Thursday. A total of $3,500 has been pledged so far, leaving S14,500 to be raised.

May 6, 1968 (AP) --Tom Lockhart, president of the Eastern Hockey League, said the Knoxville Knights have resigned from the league.

June 29, 1968
Teams representing Washington. DC, and Norfolk, Va. will probably be added to the Eastern Hockey League for the 1969-70 season, league president Tom Lockhart said Friday. Macon, Ga., Is another possibility to join the 11-club circuit, Lockhart said. The EHL will play with 11 teams next season. Knoxville, Tenn., resigned its franchise, leaving five teams in the Southern Division—Nashville, Term ; Salem. Va., Greensboro and Charlotte, N.C., and Jacksonville, Fla. Syracuse, Clinton and Long Island in New York, New Haven, Conn., Johnstown, Pa, and New Jersey are represented in the Northern Division. The Jacksonville club will play six games in Macon next season. Each team will play 72 games. The schedule will be discussed at a meeting of clubowners in Pittsburgh on July 8.

June 1969

Representatives from Macon, GA decline an offer to join the EHL. Applications from Memphis, Miami, Norfolk and Richmond are tabled for future reference.

June 15, 1969

Representatives of the Brdigeport (CT) Home Oilers amateur team Bridgeport (CT) are having discussions with the New York Rangers and the EHL regarding Bridgeport joining the league. The city has agreed to enclose the ends of the ice rink and install end seats which would raise arena capacity by 1200 to nearly 3000.

August 18-19, 1969
THe EHL and IHL agree to continue affilation agreement. They discuss possible playoffs between the leagues. (Note: Most like has to do with a joint player draft, and the ability to trade between leagues, but that wasn't in this article.)

October 11, 1969
Syracuse Blazers loan winger Wayne Newell and defensemen Brian McDowell and Jules Marenger to the Salem Rebels.

Nov 18, 1970

The Nashville Dixie Flyers of the Eastern Hockey League defied an ultimatum from the team's president and general manager today and continued a strike that began Monday.
Nov 19 The striking Nashville Dixie Flyers of the Eastern Hockey League settled their differences with their coach and the team president today and headed for Greensboro for a night game.
Nov 20 The Eastern Hockey League formally suspended all 14 players of the Nashville Dixie Flyers today, posing the possibility the team would not see action again this season.
Nov 21 A special meeting has been called for Monday night to determine the fate of 14 players of the Nashville Dixie Flyers, who were suspended indefinitely by the Eastern Hockey League.
Nov 24 Both the players and management of the Nashville Dixie Flyers were fined today by the board of governors of the Eastern Hockey League, and the team has been reinstated for action Tuesday night in Charlotte.

Dec 20, 1970 - The Jacksonville Rockets players agree to play two more games for a share of the gate in order to give a new group, headed by Bob Sabourin, time to raise funds to keep the club from folding. The team needs to get at least $50,000 in pledges to keep the team in Jacksonville. Failing that, the league is hoping Walter Brock who applied for application for St. Petersburg will buy the Jacksonville Rockets. Brock says he owes it to St. Petersburg to start a new franchise, rather than to bring in a a failing franchise. Brock hopes the team stays in Jacksonville, so that St. Pete will have a natural rival.

Jan 26, 1971 - Walter Brock has been awarded a franchise for St. Petersburg area by the Eastern Hockey League.

Jan 27, 1971
- (AP) Cape Cod Sports, Inc was awarded a franchise Tuesday in the Eastern Hockey League for the 1972-73 season. The team will operate in the mid-Cape area at a site to be determined. Club President Dick Terrio said that Johnny Crawford, former Boston Bruins star, will be the general manager of the Cape Cod team.

April 21, 1971
- Look for an announcement out of Greensboro this week that the Eastern Hockey League franchise there (once owned by civic leaders) has been sold to the Carolinas Cougars organization.

The Salem Rebels change their name to the Roanoke Valley Rebels, and play some games in the Roanoke Civic Center.

The Nashville Dixie Flyers franchise folds. The St. Petersburg Suncoast Suns join the league.

July 7, 1971
Houston's 2nd bid for an EHL franchise is rejected. The closest team to Houston would have been St. Petersburg.

Dec 9, 1971
(UPI) —General Manager Bob Sabourin of the Jacksonville Rockets said Wednesday the team's board of directors has voted unanimously to sell the Eastern Hockey League club. The Rockets have a 6-20-1 record and are mired in the EHL Southern Division cellar.
Dec 11
(AP) - The Jacksonville Rockets of the Eastern Hockey League were put on the block Friday after seven seasons of financial losses. With attendance at a new low this season and debts piling up, the Jacksonville Rockets scheduled Friday night game against St. Petersburg was cancelled and Clinton, N.Y., was notified next Tuesday's game probably won't be plaved. The new owner would have to pick up about $30,000 in debts, a spokesman for the team said. "I'll sell for anything, about 13 grand," said Don Gibbons, board chairman of the team. "Anything to keep hockey alive in Jacksonville." The Rockets are 6-20-2 for the season, last in the EHL standings. Friday night's game against St. Petersburg was called off while league officials awaited developments. Expenses for Jacksonville's Wednesday night duel with New Haven were paid by the EHL, but the league said it would not finance any further games. A spokesman for the team said negotiations are. under way with several parties, including groups from Houston and Jacksonville, to sell the franchise.
Dec 14
- Walter Skinner, a partner in a three-man area group interested in eventually bringing a hockey franchise to Washington DC, was en route to Jacksonville, Fla., last night to "investigate" the possibility of purchasing the floundering Jacksonville Rockets of the Eastern Hockey League.
Dec 16 - (UPI)—The Eastern Hockey League Jacksonville Rockets finally folded Wednesday after eight frustrating seasons marked by poor teams and a shaky financial operation. Jacksonville General Manager Bob Sabourin announced that efforts to sell the team had failed and he had sent telegrams to EHL President Tom Lockhart and other EHL. teams notifying them the Rockets were disbanding.

Jan 24, 1972 Binghamton, building a downtown Arena that will seat 4.522 for hockey. 5,700 for basketball and 6,950 for fights, is looking for a manager at $16,000 per. The facility is expected to be ready to open in September, with an Eastern Hockey League franchise slated to be one of its first tenants.

May 6, 1972 The New Haven Blades of the Eastern Hockey League signed a four-year contract with the city of Hartford for rental rights to the Hartford Civic Center beginning in 1974, the year construction on the 10,000 seat facility is supposed to be completed. The Blades will play the 1972-74 seasons in the refurbished Eastern States Coliseum in West Springfield, MA.

The Cape Cod Cubs playing in South Yarmouth MA and Rhode Island Eagles playing in Woonsocket MA are admitted to the Eastern Hockey League.

August 4, 1972 - The New England Whalers of the World Hockey Association (WHA) announces a working agreement with the New England Blades of the Eastern Hockey League.

Sept 6, 1972 - At least three groups, including a Baltimore interest headed by ex-NBA referee Arnold Heft, are bidding to place an Eastern Hockey League franchise in the new Broome County (Binghamton) arena next year

Oct 11, 1972 - Binghamton's entry into the EHL next season is not the sure thing that many believed. The Binghamton group that was awarded the chance to buy the franchise was told originally that it would cost them $20,000. Then the league told them the cost might go to $30,000, but every attempt would be made to keep the cost at the original figure. Then at the last league meeting a few weeks ago at Cape Cod the EHL "fathers" lowered the boom on the boys from Binghamton by demanding $50,000 for the franchise. Now the group is reportedly thinking about basketball, rather than hockey, as the winter sport to put into the nearly completed community arena.

Nov 28, 1972 - The New England Blades have been put up for sale. The general manager of the New England Blades said Monday that he is still talking to potential buyers, but the club will continue to play in Springfield until further notice.
Nov 29 - The WHA New England Whalers withdraw support for the New England Blades.
Nov 30 - The scheduled Eastern Hockey League game between the New England Blades and the Johnstown Jets was postponed Wednesday because the Blades don't have enough players.
Dec 1 - The New England Blades will move to Binghamton, NY for the 1973-74 season.
Dec 3 - The New England Blades halt all activity for the season.

January 5, 1973 -
Tom O'Connell announces plans for a two-rink $1.5 Million Maine Coliseum which would bring hockey to Auburn, Maine. The main rink, seating 5000, would be the home of an entry in the Eastern Hockey League known as the Maine Yankees. The team colors would be Red White and Blue. The emblem would be the head of an Eagle (blue) with three red slashes to indicate an "M" They would be in a "Y" shape to form the first letter of Yankees. Lee Roy, manager of the Portland rink is expected to become manager of the Auburn complex. O'Connell is seeking a franchise for the 1973-74 season.

February 1, 1973
Syracuse GM Bill Charles announces that the Southern Division will break away from the league next year. The southern league will add two more clubs with Winston-Salem, Macon, Baltimore and Alabama as possibilities. Charles confirmed that Rhode Island and New Jersey were having financial troubles and that Clinton may be for sale. Syracuse is a possibility to join the AHL.

March 6, 1973
Owner Al Baron announces that the Long Island Ducks are going out of business amd will not play in the Walker Cup playoffs after a player dispute over unpaid bonuses. The EHL arranges that the Ducks will play, have their home base in South Yarmouth, MA, and for the remainder of the playoffs be known as the "Massachusetts Ducks".

May 1, 1973 - The EHL splits into Southern Hockey League and North American Hockey League.

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